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Treating General Well-being at West London Osteopathy & Acupuncture Clinic

Call 0800 994 9525 to get treated by West London Clinic's Naturopath

Are you looking for a treatment that is a combination of herbal and modern medication? If yes, naturopathy is what you need. From visceral osteopathy to pain management solutions, we offer you an array of choices at Kensington

Naturopathy and what to expect at West London Clinic in Kensington

Naturopathic treatment includes dietary advice and/or lifestyle recommendations, detoxification, perhaps a herbal medicine, a homoeopathic medicine, and/or nutritional supplements. On your first visit, which lasts around an hour, the naturopath will assess your health history. This includes an exploration of your diet, lifestyle, stress and environmental factors, as well as family members’ health. Physical examination may include checking your hair, skin, nails and tongue, taking your blood pressure and/or performing or recommending clinical and laboratory diagnostic tests.

How long does it take to treat a condition?

It could take hours, days, weeks or longer. The naturopath will educate, inform and involve you in your health care so that you may feel empowered to gain and maintain optimum health.

  • Diagnostic Testing
  • MRI
  • Blood Grouping / Secretor Status For Blood Group Diet
  • Allergy Testing
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Bone Resorption Assessment
  • Women's Health Profile
  • The Rhythm Plus™ Hormone test
  • Hormone Panels
  • Adrenocortex Stress Profile
  • Intestinal Permeability Assessment
  • Organix Dysbiosis Profile
  • Candida Tests
  • Comprehensive Blood Paneium
  • Comprehensive Cardiovascular Screen
  • Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  • Detoxification Profile
  • Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Heavy Metal Analysis
  • Thyroid Assessment
  • Urine Analysis
  • Vitamin & Mineral Assessment

Treating Post Covid-19 & General Well-being at West London Osteopathy & Acupuncture Clinic

From a simple stool sample at Kensington we can test you for:

  • Intestinal candida and other fungi (a full screen for all yeasts and moulds)
  • pH of the stool (included in the fungal screening)
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Bacteria in different materials
  • Resistance tests for pathogenic bacteria
  • Bacteria which cause acute diarrhea
  • Complete status of intestinal colonization (bacteria + fungi)
  • Pancreatic function test
  • Leaky gut (alpha-1-antitrypsin )
  • Intestinal inflammation (Calprotectin)
  • Intestinal immune system (sIgA)
  • Celiac disease
  • Candida IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE (from blood)
  • Skin and nail fungi
  • Helicobacter pylori
  • Intestinal bleeding
  • Colo-rectal tumour markers
  • Histamine intolerance (only from blood sample)
  • Lactose intolerance

Treating Eczema & Allergy at West London Osteopathy & Acupuncture Clinic

Experienced patient centered team

What our clients are saying

I was in quite a lot of pain before I discovered this place. It has been thee best place I've ever been to and I've had my fair share of chiropractors, Osteopath's and physio's in the past. Nillie works magic. Highly recommended

Nina MacLeod

Broadcast Journalis